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About Jules

Jules is a UK-based wildlife expert, zoology correspondent, author, science-writer and broadcaster. He writes regularly for The Guardian, BBC Wildlife Magazine and contributes regularly to the BBC. Jules is also an accomplished speaker, regularly giving inspirational talks about humankind’s place in nature to large festivals and science conferences in both the US and the UK.

A zoologist by training but soppy animal-lover at heart, Jules has been researching and exploring the human relationship with animals for more than a decade. His many adventures include expeditions to track the world’s rarest invertebrates, hand-rearing threatened spiders and releasing them back into the wild, and shouting up for, of all things, frogs and toads and the people that love them. In 2010, Jules began an odyssey into animal sex (Sex on Earth, Bloomsbury) investigating how sex evolved on Earth and whether animals (particularly pets) feel love like we do. More recently, Jules has focused on the topic of death (Death on Earth, Bloomsbury) attempting to understand how death has influenced nature over millions of years and contemplating, as a human, what it feels like to perhaps be the only creature in the known universe to be aware of our own impending doom. In 2016, Death on Earth was nominated for the prestigious Royal Society of Biology book prize.

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Jules’s thoughtful brand of science communication (“half stand-up, half-science” say Bloomsbury) has seen him become a “go-to” voice for lively and inspirational talks about wildlife and pets. National Geographic called him “refreshingly self-aware” and a man with "...self-deprecating charm and genuine enthusiasm..." (Boston Globe).

His performances include packed-out crowds at Wildnerness Festival, TEDx London, The Edinburgh International Science Festival, Hay Literary Festival, The Cheltenham Science Festival, as well as numerous talks in the US and Canada.


Jules is a UK Ambassador for Science, and has worked with more than 125,000 young people in the past five years. He also runs the social enterprise, PalaeoLab.